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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fortis gas line South of Prince George Shut down

BREAKING NEWS - Much of the BC Natural Gas supply is currently running on fumes

A large gas explosion on the Enbridge gas line near Landooz Road near Prince George British Columbia has resulted in local evacuations as well as the shut down of the Fortis Natural Gas supply to much of BC, including the Lower Mainland. As of 5:30 AM PST, the areas affected by the Fortis Natural Gas shutdown are being supplied by linepack (the remaining gas in the massive web of gas lines through the province) and Fortis BC has no plans. Sources say the line still has pressure but to conserve line pressure, many of the major consumers have now switched to diesel generators, over the typical Natural Gas powered boilers. This includes many of the local Hospitals.

Fortunately no humans were injured in the massive gas line explosion near Prince George British Columbia, which happened at approx 5:45 PM yesterday