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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shelley Malil Sentenced for Kendra Beebe Stabbing

40 Year Old Virgin Stabbing Actor Shelley Malil is in the news again as he was recently sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his ex girlfriend, Kendra Beebe 23 times.

The Kendra Beebe Stabbing incident happened back in 2008, when it was reported Shelley Malil was thrown into a jealous fit when he saw his former girlfriend, Kendra Beebe drinking wine with David Maldonado. Luckily for Kendra Beebe, she survived the stabbing and was able to testify at the hearing against Shelley Malil.

According to reports, Shelley Malil will be able to apply for Parole after 9 years in Prison for the near fatal stabbing of his ex girlfriend Kendra Beebe. Perhaps he will pick up some dating tips while in prison.