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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston Drug popping pop queen dead at 48

The R&B world has taken another hit as 48 year old Whitney Houston died in her Hollywood Hotel room earlier today. staff at the hollywood hotel confirmed that 911 was called to Whitney Houston 4th floor hotel.room to try and revive the star who was found dead of what some suspect was a drug overdose.

Whitney Houston has had many ups and downs in her career and life married to abusive husband Bobby Brown. Some are even rumours that Bobby Brown may have had a hand in the death of Whitney Houston, although this is simply speculation as to what caused Whitney Houstons death..and there is no indication that hollywood police are treating the death of Whitney Houston as a murder.

Hollywood authorities are not commenting as to what caused Whitney Houstons death, but already the internet is flooded with people searching for pictures of Whitney Houston dead as well as Whitney Houston autopsy photographs and the obvious autopsy results which show what caused the death of Whitney Houston.

Many online also believe Whitney Houston committed suicide after her failed recent comeback attempt.

the death of motown star Whitney Houston comes not too long after the r and b world mourned the loss of michael Jackson to a drug overdose. it seems the music industry is rioe with stars, who unable to deal with the stresses of their lives turn to various prescription and non prescription drugs which inevitably end their lives.

Whitney Houston was 48 at the time if her death