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Monday, February 21, 2011


It was not unlike any other September day, but September 25th 2010 changed the life of many as the life of 15 year old North Delta teen Laura Szendrei was cut short.

Laura Szendrei was a popular teen, very active in sports and known to her friends as outgoing and funloving. The broad daylight fatal attack of Laura Szendrei was even more shocking as it took place almost on the door steps of the local police detachment in North Delta.

Laura Szendrei was walking though a partially wooded area when her attacker came at her striking what would be a fatal blow to her head. Several witnesses heard her screams and it has taken the Delta Police and the Integrated Homicide squad were quick to solve the murder of Laura Szendrei.

The call to IHIT interrogators came out in the morning hours yesterday that the murder of Laura Szendrei was about to come to a close. Careful reviews of evidence and police interviews pointed authorities towards one person, the killer of Laura Szendrei. Today, North Delta Police arrested an 18 year old suspect in the fatal attack on Laura Szendrei. The name of the 18 year old male arrested in connection with the 2010 murder of Laura Szendrei is not being released, although it he is from the North Delta area. He was 17 at the time of the attack, therefor his name cannot be released.

IHIT investigators have been working closely with the North Delta Police Department since the untimely death of Laura Szendrei in September of 2010. Investigators have carefully reviewed evidence and witness testimony to come up with the 18 year old suspect arrested in connection with the fatal attack of Laura Szendrei

Since the brutal attack on North Delta teen Laura Szendrei, her friends and family have united with the community to create a Laura Szendrei Memorial Scholarship in honour of Laura Szendrei. The Laura Szendrei Scholorship is being managed by the Laura Szendrei Memorial Scholarship Foundation Society. The plan is to present two annual sport scholarships to students from the North Delta Secondary schools. According to the Laura Szendrei Memorial Scholarship Foundation Society website, “This initiative will serve as a key part of a broader campaign to support the families of innocent victims of violent crime. We are all aware of individuals and families around us that have suffered through the loss of a loved one in a senseless act of violence and we are committed to supporting those who want to seek change.”

The 2010 Fatal attack that resulted in the death of 15 year old Laura Szendrei took place in a lightly wooded area of Mackie Park in Delta British Columbia, an area popular with local joggers and walkers alike. In October, city workers cleared the brush in Mackie Park to create better sightlines for joggers and walkers.

North Delta citizens are now asking who killed Laura Szendrei. Some guesses point towards an individual named Wyatt, however these are just speculations based on search trends for Laura Szendrei killer name Wyatt. Anything beyond speculation on the name of the Laura Szendrei killer would be counter-productive in this pre trial state.

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