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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA Under Fire over Anna Drexal Security Pat Down Youtube Video

The Internet and news media in general is buzzing with various opinions over the airport pat down of 6 year old girl Anna Drexel at New Orleans Airport today. Anna Drexel's parents, Todd and Selena Drexel of Bowling Green, KY were so upset over the New Orleans Airport security pat down of their 6 year old daughter, Anna Drexel, they shot a video of the ordeal and posted the New Orleans Pat Down Video on YouTube.

Here is the Youtube Video of the new Orleans Airport Pat Down of 6 Year Old girl Anna Drexal

The release of the YouTube Airport Security Pat Down of 6 year old girl Anna Drexal has also gotten the attention of the TSA who are now reviewing their Security Pat Down procedures for low risk passengers.

On the other side of the coin, there are many who say there is nothing wrong with a security pat down of a child as many terrorists will not stop at using children as mules to carry out their mission.

Anna Drexel's parents, Todd and Selena Drexel, disagree, stating Anna Drexal was confused and scared by the TSA Security Pat down at New Orleans Airport security. Anna Drexel's parents, Todd and Selena Drexel, further went on to say the TSA Security Pat Down at New Orleans Airport made little Anna Drexal cry.

In the security pat down video, posted on Youtube, a security officer at New Orleans Airport security is seen running her hands across Anna Drexal's shirt and pants, checking in her waistband and collar.

In an interview with ABC News, Selena Drexel said she considered the airport security pat down of her daughter, Anna Drexal, as inappropriate.

Personally, I do not see the big deal. I remember going through a security screening when I was a small child. I had one of those souvenir canes with those silly little emblems on it. The security screener took it, knocked on it a bit and examined it quite closely to see if it was hollow and possibly had anything hidden in it. At least that is what my parents calmly told me when my natural curiosity got the best of me. Of course, that makes sense. Sure, that was not an actual security pat down, but looking back, I do not think I would have had a problem with an attractive airport security guard patting me down. Not that the airport security guard in this particular picture was attractive. Maybe that is what made Anna Drexal so upset... or maybe it was her parents making a big deal over what should be seen as a routine security check intended to protect the lives of everyone on that flight.... Ummm Duh!!!

Come on people get real. Why don't parents get a clue. To me this seems like nothing more than parents using their child to get some media attention, can you say Balloon Boy... Just my opinion.

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