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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Nothing is constant on the Internet but... Rumours. Yes, there is another one out there. Apparently, a 44-year-old mom named Sara Morrison claims that Dr. Phil McGraw sexually abused and fondled her while she was working for him back in 1984.

In a recent interview, Sara Morrison was reported as saying “Dr. Phil is a monster!” According to reports, Sara Morrison is recently speaking out and divulging details of the Dr. Phil Sexual assault. “I suffered from low self-esteem, and I was depressed, lonely and suicidal, he wanted to see me three or four times a week - as a patient.”

According the Sara Morrison, the Dr. Phil Sexual assault did not occur during the initial therapy. The Dr. Phil Sexual Abuse is reported to have started the next summer when Sara Morrison started to Intern for Dr. Phil. Although she did continue to see Dr. Phil on a professional level, the sexual abuse reportidly occured during her working hours.

“The first day I showed up for work, Phil had his hands all over me, Phil would pull me down to sit in his lap while he talked on the phone to patients, other doctors, even his wife! He’d be running his hand up and down the inside of my thigh all the way up to my panties.”

Of course, this story is all according to the National Enquirer, so it should be take with a whole heap of salt. Of course, it could also be true.

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