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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ryan Jenkins Died of Apparent Suicide

Ryan Jenkins, reality TV show "star" and key suspect in murder of Jasmine Fiore has been found dead in the Thunderbird Motel just outside of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Ryan Jenkins apparently died as a result of suicide and was found hanging from his neck in the Hope, BC Motel.

Police found Ryan Jenkins' body hanging
from a rope at the Thunderbird Motel. Jenkins
died of an apparent suicide

At this time, the District Attorney in Orange County CA is not planning on charging anyone else with the murder of Playboy Model Jasmine Fiore, as Ryan Jenkins was their sole suspect.

Jasmine Fiore was found murdered on August 15th, 2009, the day after she had been reported missing by Ryan Jenkins. Jasmine Fiore's mutilated body was found stuffed in a suitcase which was thrown into the garbage. Immediately after the body of Jasmine Fiore was found, Ryan Jenkins disapeared.

The Internet has been flooded with searches with regard to Jasmine Fiore, her playboy pictures, pictures of her body as well as various Reality TV based searches on Ryan Jenkins.

RCMP Sgt. Duncan Pound indicated staff at the Thunderbird Hotel, in Hope BC, entered Ryan Jenkins' room and found the body. At around 5PM PST, local Police confirmed the identification of the body as that of Ryan Jenkins.

“At this present time the investigation into the circumstances of his death is continuing, but preliminary evidence suggests he took his own life,” Pound said in a news conference held in Surrey, BC, about 1 1/2 Hours from Hope.

Pound would not say how long Jenkins stayed at the hotel or how he got there. “Any further details will not be released at this time as this investigation remains in its infancy,”

Ryan Jenkins - Key
suspect in Murder of
Jasmine Fiore, now dead

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