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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hugo Chavez Died in Surgery??? Some reports would have you believe.

The Internet and political circles around the world are buzzing with rumours of the Death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

"PRAY FOR HUGO CHAVEZ' RECOVERY" requests Hugo Chavez Government Officials
Awhile back, during a meeting with Fidel Castro in Havana Cuba, Hugo Chavez began suffering from abdominal pain. As a result, Hugo Chavez was rushed to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery to remove what is being described as a "non malignant Pelvic Abscess." Hugo Chavez is known for his hours of televised speeches, has been suspiciously absent from public life since being rushed to the hospital. The conspiracy theorists are speculating Hugo Chavez as having died, however, Venezuelan government officials are quick to contradict these claims with requests for Venezuelan's to pray for the health of Hugo Chavez. Nicolas Maduro, the foreign

Minister within the Hugo Chavez regime, is reported as requesting “human, heartfelt” support and “the most authentic love that ends with the reestablishment of his health so we can have him in Venezuela.”

Many political pundits are questioning whether Hugo Chavez will return to leading Venezuela, or of the Government is simply struggling to find an appropriate replacement for Hugo Chavez, who has successfully led Venezuela for over 12 years.

Former Venezuelan Diplomat, Demetrio Boersner, is reported as stating there is no suitable replacement within the governing party to replace the either ailing or deceased Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, should it become necessary to replace Hugo Chavez as the leader of the oil rich South American Country.

Reports of the Death of Hugo Chavez are rampant and coming from various non-official sources including Facebook, various new Media as well as a Twitter group known as the South American Wikileaks.

Hugo Chavez, Alive on Twitter On Friday, Hugo Chavez apparently broke his long time silence with a post on his Twitter page @chavezcandanga “On this very special day I’m here next to you working. Victory for ever; we are winning and we will be victorious” Friday was the day the Venezuelan army celebrated the 190 anniversary of victory in the Battle of Carabobo, which definitively put an end to Spanish colonialism and opened the way for Venezuela's independence.

"MY BROTHER IS ALIVE" Reports HUGO CHAVEZ' Brother, Adán Chavez

Hugo Chavez' brother Adán Chavez said his Brother, Hugo, would be back in ten/twelve days, which would be just on time for the Latin America and Caribbean summit sheduled in the island of Margarita on July 5th to 6th. “We don’t know exactly when he will be coming back. We have to wait for the doctors evaluation but in a few days, ten, twelve days, the president will be back here with us”, said Hugo Chavez eldest brother and governor of the state Barinas.

Hugo Chavez is known for his often colourful and offhanded very public remarks and negative opinions of George W. Bush, during his reign. Hugo Chavez has often referred to George W Bush as a Dog, among other negative commentary.

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