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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver BC Stanley Cup Riot Capital of the World

So Vancouver lost the 2011 Stanley Cup. This is not a big surprise. Now don't hate me because I do not really care about Hockey or the Stanley cup. I know it is not very Canadian to not be a hockey fan. The thing is, it is hard to like a sport which incites so much violence. I am not saying all hockey fans were responsible for the 2011 Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver BC Canada. Nor am I saying that Hockey in itself incited that particular public display of stupidity. It is just that Hockey in itself has been known as a violent sport. Just check out any junior Hockey game and watch the Hockey Mom's and Dads in Action. Now thinking of that, do the Riots in Downtown Vancouver really come off as a surprise? Especially whn you consider how Vancouver seems to be the protester capital of the world.

Congratulations Vancouver, we are now the centre of worldwide media attention. Not for the beautiful scenery, the wildlife, the great weather we've been having or even for how our economy is still managing to do well alongside what is now a global financial crisis. Yes, the real estate market is still nuts but houses are still being built and people are still working. All that aside, none of those are why Vancouver, BC Canada is at the top of Internet searches all over the world. So much are we in demand, there is a Facebook group looking for pictures of the on-goings in Vancouver last night. So why all this hype? Well, in case you didn't know.

Aside from being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver is also home to some of the dumbest a$5h0les in the world. You know, those professional protestors. Losers and hooligans with nothing better to do than to search for things to protest about and incite violence. Yes, I am talking about the Stanley Cup Riots. Now don't get confused, I know Stanley Cup Riots happened back in 1994 after a Canucks win. There have also been riots and vandalism throughout the Vancouver area as a result of many things including the 2010 Olympics, housing issues, and various other topics which apparently justify violence in the minds of the pea brained unemployed 5h!t for brains looser professional protestor crowds.

So what was the reason for the latest Riot in Vancouver? Why is the world media plastered with pictures of burning cards and broken windows in Downtown Vancouver? Well, you see, there is this thing called the Stanley Cup. Apparently, not winning the Stanley cup, or in the case of 1994, almost winning the Stanley Cup is cause for violence. Oh my god, the tragedy in the world when the Vancouver Canucks loose a game. This is awful, lets flip over some cars and set them on fire.
Come on people, get a fvck!ng clue. IT IS A GAME. There are plenty of other things happening in the world. People are starving, governments are suppressing their citizens. The biggest concern in Vancouver right now, well aside from housing prices, is the length of the Starbucks line-up or maybe traffic. Not that many of these loosers and bums who rioted are concerned about housing prices or traffic.

Honestly, I really don't know what to say about the Stanley Cup Riots in Vancouver or all those pictures of burning cars and Broken Windows plastering the world wide media. I don't understand the mentality of those losers involved in the 2011 Stanley Cup Riots of Vancouver. This does not mean I am at all surprised there was a Riot after Vancouver lost the Stanley Cup to Boston last night. After all, this is Vancouver, the protest and idiot capital of the world. Oh ya, I'm a proud Canadian today. Fvck!ing A$$h0les!!!

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