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Sunday, March 22, 2009

BRAZILIAN WAX BAN - New Jersey pulls back on proposed BAN OF BRAZILIAN WAXING

It looks like bikini season will come to New Jersey after all. Perhaps realizing how silly they looked, Garden State officials on Friday scrapped plans for a BAN ON BRAZILIAN WAXING.

The BAN ON BRAZILIAN WAXING was being considered by the state's Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling because two women had been hospitalized in the last year for infections following a bare-it-all Brazilian-style treatment. But in a letter to the board on Friday, New Jersey Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman wrote: "I cannot agree to the complete prohibition ... banning removal of hair in the genital area."

For the uninitiated, a Brazilian-style bikini wax involves the full removal of hair from what can euphemistically be called the "bikini region." Jeannette Abou-Mourad, owner of Sisters Skin Care and Waxing on Michigan Avenue, explained that despite its South American name the practice began thousands of years ago in the Middle East, a tradition considered routine and hygienic.

"It's pure cleanliness," she said. "It began in the Middle East, then traveled to Brazil and around other parts of the world before it wound up in America." Salon owners in New Jersey cried out when they heard about the potential ban, fearing the economic impact it might have with bikini season on the horizon.

Szuchman, in his letter to the cosmetology board, wrote that he believes there are "alternate means to address any public health issues" and he encouraged the board to begin a review of the training needed to safely provide Brazilian bikini waxes.

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1 comment:

Zara said...

i agree getting a brazilian bikini, gives you cleanliness and a feeling of having a smooth and silky skin :D