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Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to put your name on the DVD of Paranormal Activity


Ever want to be featured on the cover of a Hollywood DVD? Well, now is your chance, Producers of the hit movie Paranormal Activity will now be able to have their name featured on the cover of the DVD for Paranormal Activity when it is released.

So, how do I get my name on the cover of Paranormal Activity DVD? you ask. Well, to sumbit your name to be on the cover of the DVD for Paranormal Activity, visit the Paranormal Activity website at http://www.paranormalactivityproject.com/index.html.

All they ask for is your first and last name, as well as your Email address and date of birth... for advertizing of course. Once you hit Submit, your name will be forwarded to the gang at Paranormal Activity to be included on the Paranormal Activity DVD.
Why are the producers of Paranormal Activity doing this? Well, as the story goes, Paranormal Activity was largely promoted by fans requesting the movie be shown at their local theatres. This Gorilla Marketing technique ended up not only getting Paranormal Activity a spot in Theatres, but in turn created a large fan base. The producers of Paranormal Activity simply want to thank those fans. Hense, putting the names of the fans of Paranormal Activity on the DVD cover.

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