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Friday, November 20, 2009

State Of Emergency Declared for Vancouver Island as a result of Severe Flooding

The west coast of British Columbia is currently experiencing some serious rainfall and flooding issues. So bad is the flooding on Vancouver Island, that the communities of North Cowichan and Duncan are currently under a state of Emergency as the local governement is evacuating many of the residents.

So bad is the rainfall in the Cowichan Valley, as of 11 a.m. PT Friday The local rain gauge at Mesachie Lake recorded 157 millimetres of rain for the previous 48 hours. At this time, officials have confirmed that flooding of the Cowichan River and Koksilah River have forced the evacuation of about 300 to 400 homes in the Cowichan Valley and Duncan area of southeast Vancouver Island and the storm is showing no signs of letting up.

Cowichan Valley locals are finding themselves relying on boats and rafts for transportation as many vehicles are surrounded, if not engulfed with water. Many houses on Vancouver Island are filling up with water fast which will result in a very heavy clean-up bill. There is no indication whether the Federal Government will pitch in with disaster relief funds for those not covered by insurance. With the World Economy in crisis, Canada is no exception and this current turn of events is sure not going to make things any better.

The west Coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island are known for heavy rainfall, just as the Pacific Northwest in the United States. In fact many residents often joke about the 10 months of seemingly dark and rainy days followed by two short months of sunshine. Although this may normally be considered a slight exageration, this years' rainy season has definately started out with a bang.

The Lower Mainland of Vancouver is currently experiencing thunderstorms and power outages are becoming a daily occurance for many area's of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Overflowing drainage ditches and flooded streets are now commonplace in many of the low lying regions of British Columbia as this severe rain storm shows no sign of letting up.

While Canada's West Coast (AKA Wet Coast) is experiencing sever rain the East Coast is looking at a clightly whiter form of precipitation. Environment Canada has issued a snow fall warning for Batteau to L'Anse-au-Clair - Mary's Harbour and south in Newfoundland / Labrador where 20 CM of snow is expected to fall by midnight.

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