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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giant Iceberg breaks a chunk off the Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctic

A giant Iceberg spanning almost 100 KM long Crashed into the giant floating Mertz Glacier in the Australian Antarctica. The Iceberg Collision resulted in the dislodging of a new Iceberg approximately 78 KM long and 39 KM wide.

Although the effect this iceberg collision will have on the oceans' weather patterns as well as the Oxygen levels of the worlds oceans in unknown. Speculation, on the other hand, ranges from passive to catostophic. Some scientists are predicting a massive drop in Oxygen levels in the ocean as a result of the decreasing amount of floating ice in the Antarctic.

In addition, there is the concern once the new iceberg moved into warmer waters it will melt bring a rise to the ocean levels around the world.

The iceberg which hit the Mertz Glacier is known as the B9B Iceberg and had broken free from another part of Antarctica in 1987. B9B has been moving alongside the Mertz Glacier for about 18 years before the collision the other day.

The two icebergs are now heading west towards Australia. At this point, scientists are not overly concerned with the Icebergs getting to Australia.

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