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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies rain and Cypress Mountain

The world is gathering in Vancouver Canada for the Opening ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games. The scene is a combination of excitement, protest and indifference among citizens of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games as the Olympic torch makes its' way through downtown Vancouver.

During the torches' trek through East Vancouver (The poorer part of town) Protesters and supporters gathered around the Olympic Flame expressing their views in a free and democratic manner. Regardless of your view on the Olympic games or the Olympic organizing committee, Canadians can be proud to know they have the freedom to express their views and not be shot by soldiers or driven over by tanks.

The price of freedom, on the other hand, has definitely driven up the overall cost of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games. For example, when protesters vandalized the Olympic clock, located outside the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games organizers hired 24/7 guard service to babysit the costly landmark.

Combine those expenses with the unexpected cost of trucking and flying snow onto Cyprus Mountain for the Freestyle ski competitions, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games are definitely going over budget... although the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games organizers are stating otherwise.

So that brings us to Cyprus bowl. At last report, it was raining at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Freestyle skiing venue. Earlier on in the week, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games organizers shut the mountain down and did not allow Olympic Athletes to practice there. This move added fuel to the already smoldering fire amongst the anti-Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games protester crowd.

Although the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games organizing committee attempted to hush the whispers by stating all problems were being dealt with and they were just being overcautious, the temperature on the North Shore Mountains continued to rise as the rain set it.

Whatever the case, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games are going ahead as planned and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games opening ceremony is slated for later on this afternoon. Early reports have BC Place decked out for the lavish event which will include performances by local musicians and appearances of the latest who's who.

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