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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Attorney Corri Fetman will write for and drop her clothes for Playboy

Sex definitely sells, but Chicago attorney Corri Fetman apparently hopes that it also will send couples rushing to divorce court. On Friday, January 11, a press release issued by Playboy Magazine announced Fetman's new "Lawyer of Love" column, which will appear on the magazines online site (www.playboy.com). Ms. Fetman also will star in her own nude online pictorial for the magazine.
Corri Fetman: Promoting Divorce?
In May 2007, Dirk Johnson of the New York Times reported that in a section of Chicago's popular Rush Street that's nicknamed "the Viagra triangle," Fetman erected a billboard containing an attractive female torso on the left side and a buff male chest on the right. The tag line, which appears between the two hot bodies, said "Life's short. Get a divorce."

Though the first billboard was removed due to a legal technicality, Fetman, a partner at Fetman, Garland & Associates, came up with another billboard in June. She also recently released the third ad in an ongoing "Take Control, Get a Divorce" campaign.
Corri Fetman, who describes herself in the article as "happily divorced," seems to be dangling some very attractive bait in front of men and women who currently aren't happy with their marital situations. Wouldn't it be more ethical for her firm to promote better communication between spouses instead of offering an easy out?
Corri Fetman: A Hollywood Spin
Television shows such as "L.A. Law" and "Ally McBeal" have added a sexy element to the legal profession in the past, but Corri Fetman is rewriting the book on sex and Hollywood. She's setting one heck of a legal precedent with her steamy advertising campaign.

Corri Fetman Drops Her Legal Briefs
As a long-time Playboy subscriber who gets the magazine only for the pictures, the proposed "Lawyer of Love" column sounds, on the surface, like the perfect complement to the existing "Playboy Advisor," a monthly column that offers advice on everything from what bottle of wine to serve with dinner to pleasing a significant other in bed.
Fetman's column and its focus on love and the law, if written correctly, could offer solid legal advice to readers, more so than the existing "Advisor." I question Playboy's motives, though, in featuring nude photos of Fetman on their website. Are they truly serious about this column or is this a cheap, publicity stunt, much like the Chicago billboard?
Fetman, to be honest, is easy on the eyes and will no doubt increase subscriptions to the online service, but the long term benefits of her legal advice won't be determined for several months. The "Playboy Advisor," in contrast, has been a popular feature in the magazine for years.
Corri Fetman: The Punch Line
In the latest issue of Playboy, Fetman reveals that she is the partially-clad female in the ads. Despite all the media coverage that she's received over the last year, no one made the connection. I guess we were all, um, distracted.

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