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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rebecca Dawn Bogard - 27 Year old Teacher keeps 15 year old student after class.

I wish I was that lucky when I was 15.

Cops: Mississippi woman had sex with boy, 15, in her white Jaguar

A Mississippi teacher admitted to cops that she had sex with a 15-year-old male student to whom she sent explicit text messages and trysted with in her Jaguar, which bore the license plate "GRRRRR." Those are just some of the sleazy details in a Biloxi Police Department report detailing Rebecca Dawn Bogard's alleged sexual assault of the boy, who the 27-year-old educator taught at the Biloxi Alternative School (which is described in the January 18 report, which you'll find below, as a school for troubled teens). According to the document, Bogard referred to the teenager as "her little 'sex fiend'" in one text message. Investigators were contacted by the boy's mother after she discovered raunchy messages on the boy's phone, including one from a "Dawn" who wrote, "I love you, yeah it was the best, which night was the best 4 you, I'm sensitive but not sore, you were good..." Bogard, pictured in the mug shot at right, is facing felony sexual battery charges. She has been suspended with pay and is free on $50,000 bail.

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