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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crime Reports.com - a new tool in law enforcement

There's a new website on the block. Crimereports.com is a website which links law enforcement agencies across the United States. I checked the site out and it is really quite spiffy. Basically the home page is a coverage map, at that point you can enter a location or click on the map and poof, up pops a google map with crime hotspots.

Now here is the interesting part, this website could have many effects here are some initial ponderings.

Will Crimereports.com help educate the people thus empowering them to help keep themselves safe by purchasing a security alarm system ?

Will Crimereports.com help law enforcement officials concentrate their efforts in attempts to catch the stinking crackheads?

Will Crimereports.com provide criminals with ow crime rate area's where there may not be as much of a risk?

Will Crimereports.com simply become an advertising portal for those companies who wish to prey on the fears of the greater public. (ie gun sellers, ADT, Alarmforce etc)?

Will Crimereports.com generate a generation of people living in fear because their neighbourhood popped up on the screen?

Will Crimereports.com generate teams of vigilante hoodlums?

Tough call, personally I think anything which educates the average person and provides an avenue for crime prevention is a good thing.

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