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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


MICHAEL JACKSON is having an AUCTION and is selling 2,000 items from his Neverland Ranch, ranging from a portrait of him depicted as a king, to the grandiose entry gate at Neverland. The live auction will be conducted by Julien's Auction. The items will go on display to the public at The Beverly Hilton for seven days starting on April 14th. The live auction will start on April 21st and will run for five days. Beginning February 15th, 2009, bidders will be able to place proxy bids, register for the auction and explore the history of the more than 2,000 items.

It looks like MICHAEL JACKSON is having some financial troubles again as the overspending fruitcake is now auctioning off alot of his Neverland freek show. Some things include a picture of MICHAEL JACKSON as a king. In fact, the auction is being advertised as the auction of THE KING OF POP.

A particularly strange item on the block at the MICHAEL JACKSON AUCTION is his golf cart... What's so weird about a golf cart you may ask.. You mean aside from the Peter Pan image painted on it and all the little boys Michael drove around the park with in it.