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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


AH, here we go again, MILEY GATE part... What number are we on now?

The latest news has pinned MILEY CYRUS AS A RACIST. This all because MILEY CYRUS Posed in a picture while slanting her eyes and trying to look like an ASIAN.

I guess the question that comes to mind is, IS MILEY CYRUS A RACIST or is she just having fun. Apparently, some members of the ASIAN COMMUNITY are outraged at the "RACIST PICTURE OF MILEY CYRUS"

Has political correctness gone too far and is MILEY CYRUS actually poking fun at the slanted eyes of ASIANS. Fact of the matter is Asians to tend to have slanted eyes. This is emphasized in Japanese Animme so is it really considered RACIST WHEN MILEY CYRUS does it. I guess one could take into consideration her achey breaky red neck background... but then again that would be stereotyping and possibly "Racist"

So what do you think, IS MILEY CYRUS BEING RACIST IN THIS PICTURE or is she just being a kid?