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Thursday, April 23, 2009

K-FED - Nutri System Spokesperson???

Kevin Federline might soon be making some money on his own and not just mooching off Britney Spears! In Touch Weekly is reporting that K-Fat got an offer to be a spokesman for NutriSystem.

Is the company really in that much need for help?????? Friends of Kevin are estimating the former dancer has packed on more than 40lbs since last year! But, now the 31-year-old might be getting paid to shed those pounds if he signs on to promote NutriSystem's Men's Plan program.

A friend says, “Kevin wants to lose weight, and he needs to make money. He’s seriously thinking it over.” K-Fed's rep is denying the rumors, though we think he might just be holding out to get K-Fat a bigger pay offer.

Either way, time to get in shape again!

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