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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


PHILIP MARKOFF wedding was due to take place in August this year. His finacee MEGAN McALLISTER has claimed that Philip is "a beautiful person inside and out" and any such charges against him are not correct.

The Craiglist Killer suspect PHILIP MARKOFF has been charged for the death of Julissa Brisman and the robbery of another woman at two Boston luxury hotels.

Police also believes that PHILIP MARKOFF may be involved in other crimes related to women which they may not be knowing about. Since the reasons are not known yet, speculation is rife that PHILIP MARKOFF may a misogynist that is a person who hates women for no apparent reason. On the other hand, marriage plans are clearly evident and MEGAN McALLISTER is waiting for his prince charming. Here the things get a little confusing - why did he, at all, agree for a marriage if PHILIP MARKOFF really hates women?

We don’t know yet but hopefully things will be more clear once PHILIP MARKOFF will be arraigned and Police will provide more evidence for their belief. Meanwhile it has been also reported that PHILIP MARKOFF has no criminal record

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