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Sunday, April 19, 2009


It has been 13 years since the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING and 10 since the COLUMBINE SHOOTING MASSACRE. Both of these events are still on the mind of millions as the world continues to search for answers as to why? We know the who and when and have various versions of why but none of this really helps those who have lost and suffered from these tragic and sadistic events.

My wife for one. She was born and raised in OKLAHOMA CITY and was in fact supposed to be at a meeting in the ALFRED P. MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING that day but schedules made it impossible. Although she survived the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, many of those close to her did not. For this she still mourns 13 years later.

As for the COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL SHOOTING, one has to wonder how society has sunk to such a low as to somehow give a couple of teenagers the moral ability to commit such a heinous crime. As with the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING, many innocent lives of children and adults were lost. This was and will continue to be a black mark on society along with other atrocities such as the 911 ATTACKS and the various other HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE SHOOTINGS which followed.

On a similar note, the TV hit series SAVING GRACE is doing a really good job of helping those effected deal with the tragedy of the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBINGS. Although I was not directly effected, the thoughts of "What if" often run through my mind. At the end of the day though, there is no true way to know. All I know is I would not have such a wonderful wife and I would be none the wiser for this tragic loss.

Days like this should be used to remember what was an be thankful for what is, as life is short enough and it is a sad thing when that time frame is further reduced by the actions of those without conscience.

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