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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Recent news suggests AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 may have fallen victem to TERRORISTS. It is reported a bomb threat was called in on an Air France flight from Brazil to Paris on May 27th, just days before AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 was lost over the Atlantic Ocean.

Authorities at Buenos Aires' Ezeiza Airport delayed the May 27 flight before take-off and conducted a 90-minute search of the threatened aircraft. Passengers were not evacuated during the search, which yielded no explosive material. After the inspection, authorities allowed the plane to take off for Paris.

Thus far, no terrorist organisation has laid claim to the ill-fated AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 however investigators continue to search the site of the wreckage for the flight recorder information (Black Box). Some investigators are not hopeful as The area underwater where the search is focused is extremely mountainous terrain, and the water there is estimated to be 13,000 feet deep.

Brazil's president Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva, however, expressed his determination in finding AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 and it's black box. "A country that could find oil in 3,700 miles deep in the ocean is going to be able to find a plane in 1,200 miles deep," he said in a statement.

There were no reported distress calls from the crew of AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447, prior to the crash, however, a series of automatic messages were sent by the plane's system just before it vanished. These messages included loss of cabin pressure and electrical failure. It is reported, these messages were received in a time frame of three minutes. Investigators were working to interpret these messages and there is no further detail available as to the cause of those situations at this early stage of the investigation into the CRASH OF AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447.

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