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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Investigators searching the WRECKAGE OF AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447 have found more clues as to the cause of the crash of Air France Flight 447.

The clue to the cause of the crash of Air France Flight 447 comes in the way of the fairly intact TAIL SECTION OF AIR FRANCE FLIGHT 447. The Tail of Air France Flight 447 was found almost intact which is similar to that of the November 12, 2001 crash of AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 587 which was also an AIRBUS A300. In the American Airlines Flight 587 crash, investigators found the cause to be the first officers overuse of the rudder controls which caused the Tail section to rip off the ill fated Airbus A300.

In addition, there is some indication the Autopilot for Air France Flight 447 was disengaged for some four minutes prior to the crash. Although the reason for the shut off of the Autopilot on Air France Flight 447 is unknown, some experts are speculating the pilot of Air France Flight 447 may have disengaged the autopilot feature due to severe storm conditions, which is a common practice.

At the same time, a representative of the Air France Pilots union in Paris France said all pilots should refuse to fly Airbus 330's on any long haul flights unless the flight speed detectors are upgraded with improved airspeed detectors.

Although there is no official announcement on the topic, speculation indicates the Pilot of Air France Flight 447 may have over compensated on the rudder control due to lack of proper knowledge of the planes air speed.

Air France recently announced it had accelerated a program to replace the three independent flight speed detectors, known as PILOT TUBES or PILOT PROBES. Air France officials indicated the upgrading initiative was conducted "without making any assumptions" that faulty or outdated air speed indicators caused the crash of Air France Flight 447.

The discovery of the intact Tail Section of Air France Flight 447 gives raised hope to the possible discovery of the flight data recorders or "Black Box". The US Navy is enroute with high-tech underwater listening devices which investigators hope will help them to detect pings emitted from the data and voice recorders or "Black Box" of Air France Flight 447.

Brazilian and French military ships that have so far recovered 16 bodies and large amounts of plane wreckage searched amid a sea of floating debris.

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