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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Death of Michael Jackson - Questions Answers and Mysteries

Not since Michael Jackson was photographed dangling his infant son over a balcony has the freaky one garnered so much internet activity. Since the death of Michael Jackson on thursday afternoon, the internet has been flooded with fans and foes alike searching for some little tidbit about the last moments of Michael Jackson's life.

Searches include Micahel Jackson Death photo's; Michael Jackson Autopsy results; pictures of Michael Jackson's children (Blanket and Prince Michael II); Michael Jackson Sperm Doner; Michael Jackson 911 call; Michael Jackson Demerol which brought way to Michael Jackson Doctor missing and of course Michael Jackson Funeral Plans.

Here is a picture of Michael Jackson being carried away in a stretcher although Michael Jackson was not officially pronounced dead at that point in time, he was not breathing and the paramedics were tyring to bring Michael Jackson back to life with a recesitator.

The cause of Michael Jacksons death seems to be an accidental overdose of Demerol. For those searching for "what is demerol, Demerol is a powerful morphine based painkiller which Micheal Jackson frequently had injected. At this point, it appears Michael Jackson's doctor (Dr. Conrad Robert Murray) is missing and has not commented on why he prescribed Michael Jackson the ongoing Demerol injections which seem to have cause Michael Jacksons death. Although the Michael Jackson Sutopsy results are not in yet, they are expected today and the suspicion is that his Demerol injection was the cause. Perhaps Michael Jackson had a glass of wine (Jesus Juice) alongside his demerol.

Now that Michael Jackson is dead, this leaves the question of his massive estate and who gets Michael Jackson's money. Well, first I guess the large list of creditors would be in line as Michael Jackson was known to have a slight shopping problem. One simply has to look at the items in the last Michael Jackson memoriabilia auction and the items of Michael Jacksons up for sale.

After the creditors, there is of course Michael Jackson's children. This brings up an interesting scenario. We know Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Michael Jacksons children Blanket and Prince Michael II. The question arises, who is the biological father of Michael Jackson's children.
Apparently there was a sperm doner involved in the whole thing. This would mean there is a Biological father of Michael Jacksons children Blanket and Prince Michael II. It is unclear whether the sperm doner would have any parental rights to the children of the late Michael Jackson. Why the fuss, well, whoever gets custody of Michael Jacksons children will also have some level of control over Michael Jackson's estate and money. The mother of Michael Jackson's children, Debbie Rowe, apparently knows who the sperm doner and Biological father of Blanket and Prince Michael II is, but she is not telling.

Speaking of Michael Jackson and his children Blanket and Prince Michael II, whose photo's are above, remember the Michael Jackson baby dangling incident? In case you forgot, here is a picture of Michael Jackson dangling his infant child Blanket over a balcony.

Back to the death of Michael Jackson. We have obtained an MP3 Audio file of the Michael Jackson 911 call which can be downloaded from here MICHAEL JACKSON 911 CALL Here is a transcript of the Michael Jackson 911 Call

Caller: Uh, sir, I have—we have, uh, a gentleman here that needs help, and he's not breathing. He's not breathing and we need to—we're trying to pump him, but he's not. . .He's not.
911 Operator: OK, how old is he?
Caller: He's 50 years old, sir.
911 Operator: 50? OK. He's unconscious, he's not breathing?
Caller: Yes. He's not breathing, sir.

a few moments after, the caller tells the dispatcher that Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, was performing CPR but Michael Jackson was still not breathing.
The dispatcher asks the caller if the doctor saw what happened, at which point a voice is heard in the background shouting, "They need to come!"

Caller: Sir, if you just, uh, um, if you can please—
911 Operator: We're on our way, we're on our way, I'm just passing these questions on to my, uh, paramedics that are on the way there, sir.
Caller: Thank you, sir. He's pumping, he's pumping his chest, but he's not responding to anything, sir, please.

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