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Sunday, July 5, 2009


4th of July in "The Happiest Place on Earth" turned out to be a train wreck... quite literally.

At approximately 2AM on July 5th 2009, a DISNEY WORLD MONORAIL was involved in a fatal accident. The Monorail crash occurred when the driver of one of the Disney World Monorails crashed his train into the back-end of another train. The rear-end Monorail crash resulted in the death of the driver who subsequently had to be cut out of the Mono Rail cab.

According to Disney Officials, this is the first Crash involving a Disney World Monorail in the 38 year history of the ride. The Disney World Monorail accident occurred on the EPCOT Monorail line near the Disney World Parking Lot.

The driver of the other Disney World Monorail train was taken to hospital ut apparently survived the monorail crash without injuries. In addition, 5 guests and 2 other Disney World cast members, onboard at the time of the Disney World Monorail crash, left the monorail crash scene without injuries.

VP of Public Affairs for Disney World Florida, Mike Griffin said in a statement "Today, we mourn the loss of our fellow cast member. Our hearts go out to his family and to those who have lost a friend and co-worker. The safety of our guests and cast members is always our top priority. The monorail is out of service as we continue to work closely with law enforcement to determine what happened and the appropriate next steps,"

The names of any injured guests and cast members on board the Disney World monorail which crashed early Sunday Morning have not been released. The Disney World Monorail line is now closed as officials investigate the cause of the Orlando Florida Disney World Monorail Crash.

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