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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Was Michael Jackson's death and accidental overdose or Homicide? This is the most recent question to join the many questions over the recent death of Michael Jackson. It has already become abundantly clear Michael Jackson most likely dies of a prescription drug overdose of some sort. Although it is currently unclear as to which drug killed Micheal Jackson and whether or not this was accidental or done as some sort of way to make money off Michael Jackson's withering estate.

One thing for sure, the cancellation of Michael Jackson's 50 date concert stint at London's O2 Arena will definitely cost someone a substantial chunk of money. Current estimates indicate AEG Live will be on the hook for over £300 million in liability over ticket sales to the Michael Jackson O2 Arena shows which were scheduled to begin tomorrow (July 13th, 2009.) The Michael Jackson O2 Arena shows were scheduled to run until February of 2010.

Reports from back in March of 2009 indicated concert promoters responsible for the Michael Jackson O2 Arena shows were having a hard time obtaining insurance for the event. It was suggested AEG self insured the dates in hopes that Michael Jackson's deteriorating health would not be an issue for the 7 month stretch of Michael Jackson concerts, marketed as the "This Is It tour". Promotions included promises of stage costumes studded with 300,000 Swarovski crystals and a stage move to succeed Michael Jackson's famous “moonwalk”.

Of course there are always those conspiracy theorists who like to create stories based around loose speculation in order to legitimize claims that Michael Jackson is in fact still alive. To add fuel to the fire of the Michael Jackson conspiracy theories, is a report that a combination of managers, advisers, concert promoters and those seeking to recover his debts, had let events around the Michael Jackson O2 Arena shows spiral out of Michael Jackson’s control. Prior to his death, Michael Jackson was reported as saying “I don’t know how I’m going to do 50 shows, I’m really angry.”

As for the prescription drugs which may or may not have killed Michael Jackson, a nurse/nutritionist who treated Michael Jackson prior to his death spoke out publicly about her fears that Jackson had gotten his hands on a powerful sedative called Diprivan or Propofol that's used in hospitals. An ex guard of Michael Jackson's indicated Michael Jackson often consumed as many as 30 to 40 Xanax pills per night in order to deal with his bouts of Insomnia. Add to that, rumours of several other prescription drugs consumed by Michael Jackson in his dying days, Michael Jackson's death could very easily be the result of someone in the Michael Jackson inner circle taking advantage of a known drug problem or a legitimate accidental drug overdose. Whatever the cause of Michael Jackson's death, the Coroner's department is keeping results and theories under a tight wrap until the final results of Michael Jackson's autopsy and potential criminal investigation are revealed.

Those doubting the potential of an insurance based homicide need mearly look at recent reports in relation to the death of Guitar God Jimi Hendrix which indicate James "Tappy" Wright spoke of Hendrix's manager, Michael Jeffrey, drunkenly confessing to killing Jimi Hendrix by stuffing pills into his mouth and washing them down with several bottles of red wine because he feared Hendrix intended to dump him for a new manager.

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