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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SHAKE AND BAKE ONE POT METH RECIPE increasing in popularity

There is a new METHod for making Crystal Meth called "SHAKE AND BAKE METH" or "ONE POT METH." As this new SHAKE AND BAKE METH recipe is easier and portable Meth manufacturing may explode beyond the control of local authorities.

The new Shake and Bake Meth recipe involved the use of a pop bottle or any other sealed vessel. Typically those making Meth using the Shake and Bake, or One Pot Method will drive around town in their car so the toxic fumes can escape through the windows.

There are several new risks associated with this new Shake and Bake Meth recipe. Aside from the obvious mobile bomb factor, the most obvious is the fumes. The chemicals involved are caustic, corrosive, and carcinogenic. Exposure causes airway irritation, eye and skin burning, nausea, headaches, and dizziness. Long term exposure has been linked to liver and kidney cancer.

To add to the risk, this new recipe for making Crystal Meth brings an increased risk to children and those collecting and recycling bottles. Authorities are warning everyone to keep an eye out for bottles containing a brown crystal like residue at the bottom. In addition to containing toxins, discarded Shake and Bake Meth bottles can be very volatile and may be subject to explosion. Everyone is being given instructions to contact local Hazmat authorities and police upon discovery of a potential Shake and Bake Bottle.

Drivers are also being encouraged to be aware of the vehicles around them. If you smell anything odd or notice strange and erratic behavior, please notify the police immediately. Mobile Shake and Bake labs are very volatile and pose a serious risk to everyone around them.

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