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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today's hot news is an announcement from the Googleplex indicating Googles plan to launch their very own GOOGLE OPERATING SYSTEM. Google OS is an extension of Google Chrome which will reduce overhead by leaving all the applications online. Calculators, video players, word processors and the like will all be webbased in the Google Chrome OS world.

Build ontop of a Linux Kernal, Google Chrome OS will boot up faster and more reliably that everyone's most favorite to complain about BillyWare (aka Windows).

Internet based operating systems are not a completely new concept. Good OS has had a similar project under development for about a year now. "Cloud" is also a Linux based Operating system which is targeted at purely web based applications cush as web books. The concept being, the operating system boots up quickly and efficiently logging the user onto the internet faster than traditional operating systems.

The reaction to Google's Google OS project is mixed, many from the Linux community are quoted as saying "Google OS, no thanks we have Ubuntu." The main are of concern being privacy and how Google OS will use your private information. It is common knowledge that Google uses content based advertising in many of their products. Therefor, the concern is how much space on the Google OS Desktop will be utilized by advertising and how we will soon be obliterated by ads everywhere we go.

Other concerns rotate around how the Google operating system would function without the internet. No Internet??? This is not an unknown concept, yesterday I was left without Internet for at least 3 hours while the local cable company stumbled around finding the cause. Of course Google OS being open source, and based on a Linux Kernal, I'm sure Open Office and the various other Linux aps will work fine.

Personally, I think the Google OS is bringing the masses one step further away from society's unnatural reliance on Billyware.

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