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Thursday, September 24, 2009

RV 144 New AIDS VACCINE... or False Hope?

AIDS Researchers and stakeholders in the who AIDS epidemic are excited today about an announcement regarding an apparent advancement in HIV AIDS Research, particularly in the development of an HIV AIDS VACCINE known as RV 144.

many drug companies have attempted their own versions of an HIV/AIDS Vaccine but have since abandoned their trials as they found the AIDS VACCINES actually seemed to stimulate the spread of AIDS in trial patients. According to a trial on 16,395 Thai volunteers half minus 1 of whom were given the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE while half plus one were given a placebo HIV AIDS VACCINE. Both groups in the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE study were given condoms as well as counselling.

At the end of the Thai RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE study, 125 of the participants ended up getting AIDS, that is a .762423 % of the study group that caught the AIDS Virus. 0.622179 % of the Study group which received the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE were infected while 0.902659 % of the Placebo group in the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE trial became infected with HIV AIDS. This compared to the nearly 1.5% of the Thai population who were infected with the AIDS Virus in 1994 this RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE success statistic might look promising. However, one needs to look at the variables involved in this study of the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE.

First of all, the 1.5% is a cummulative total in 1994. Secondly, and most importantly, all participants in this RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE study were given HIV/AIDS prevention education as well as condoms. So in actual fact, the success rate of the RV 144 HIV AIDS VACCINE is a mere 0.28 % reduction in the occurance of the AIDS VIRUS for the RV 144 HIV/AIDS VACCINE vs the Placebo control group. With such a small percentage success rate in the RV 144 AIDS VACCINE study, one needs to wonder what these scientists are thinking with all their excitement over the development of the RV 144 HIV/AIDS VACCINE.

All that being said, any development in an HIV AIDS VACCINE is a good thing and offers hope for those afflicted with the HIV/AIDS Virus. The thing is, one has to ask if this misguided hope will cause dangerous activities among those in the high risk group for developing HIV/AIDS. After all, a simple series of shots is a heck of alot more fun than wearing a sock in the shower. I guess my point is, when looking at the recent 2009 RV 144 HIV/AIDS VACCINE study, one needs to weigh all the facts before jumping up and down in excitement over a "cure" for HIV AIDS. In my mind, the only thing this study revealed is, there was a 1 % reduction in the occurance of HIV AIDS in those who were educated and provided with Condoms.

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