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Sunday, September 13, 2009


US Tennis player Serena Williams is top of Google's Search Trends, not because of her Foot Fault during yesterday's US Open Final match against Kim Clijsters, but because of how Serena Williams reacted to the call.

By the looks of the Serena Williams Youtube Video of the US Open match, the lines woman looks quite afraid of Serena Williams and her apparent "Death threat". Yup, in addition to cursing out the Lines woman with several

US Open September 2009

unintelligible insults, Serena Williams reportedly told the Lines woman who called the Foot fault "I would Kill you"

When approached by the ref, Serena Williams responded "I'm sorry but alot of people have done alot worse." When the topic of the death threat came up, Serena Williams got quite vocal and said "Are you Kidding me?" After a few heated words, Serena Williams slammed her racket on the ground and stormed towards Kim Clijsters motioning for Kim to meet her at the net. Serena Williams then shook Kim Clijsters' have and walked away while discussing her thoughts on the foot fault call made against her.

Whatever Serena Williams said to the Lines woman during her US open Match against Kim Clijsters is now on tape. You can watch and listen to the US Open footage of the Serena Williams Foot Fault call for yourself on the Serena Williams Foot Fault Youtube Video below.

Not being a Tennis aficionado, I had to look up what a foot fault was. So here you go, from the book of Tennis rules, the definition of a Foot Fault in Tennis.


8. Foot Fault
The Server shall throughout the delivery of the Service:
a. Not change his position by walking or running. The Server shall not by slight movement of the feet which do not materially affect the location originally taken up by him, be deemed "to change his position by walking or running".
b. Not touch, with either foot, any area other than that behind the base-line within the imaginary extensions of the centre-mark and side-lines.

USTA Comment: The key to understanding this rule is to realize that the Server's feet must be at rest immediately before beginning to serve. Immediately thereafter, the delivery of the service begins with any arm or racket motion, and ends when the racket contacts the ball (or misses the ball in attempt to strike it).

If either foot touches the Court, including the baseline, or the imaginary extension of a line specified in Rule 8b. after his feet are at rest but before he strikes the ball, he has committed a foot fault.
There can be no foot fault if the Server does not attempt to strike at the ball. As long as the Server makes no attempt to strike at the ball, it is immaterial whether he catches it in his hand or his racket or lets it drop to the ground.

USTA Comment: This rule covers the most decisive stroke in the game, and there is no justification for its not being obeyed by players and enforced by officials. No official has the right to instruct any umpire to disregard violations of it. In a non-officiated match, the Receiver, or his partner, may call foot faults after all efforts (appeal to the server, request for an umpire, etc.) have failed and the foot faulting is so flagrant as to be clearly perceptible from the Receiver's side.

It is improper for any official to warn a player that he is in danger of having a foot fault called on him. On the other hand, if a player asks for an explanation of how he foot faulted, either the Line Umpire or the Chair Umpire should give him that information.


So the rules and evidence is in front of you... What do you think? Have your say on the Serena Williams Foot Fault call below.

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