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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

YALE KILLER of ANNIE LE may be Lab Technician

Police investigating the Yale Murder of Annie Le to a Lab Technician who is now suspected of being the YALE KILLER.

When Annie Le disapeared last week, authorities dismissed it as a voluntary thing.


This was until Yale Video Surveillance showed Annie Le entering a building but not leaving. Police then brought in search dogs and the Murdered Body of Annie Le was found in a cable chase.

So far, the evidence pointing towards the Lab Technician as the Yale Killer are the filaing of a polygraph test and defensive wounds on his chest. Police are hoping the bloddied clothing found in the ceiling of the building lead them to the identity of the Yale Killer responsible for the Murder of Yale Student Annie Le.

Suzanne Jovin - Victim of 1998 YALE STABBING MURDER

There has been no indication of a connection between the murder of Annie Le and the 1998 Murder of 21 year old Suzanne Jovin. Initialliy, Suzanne Jovin's thesis advisor, James Van de Velde was suspected as the Yale Killer of 1998, however, he was subsequently removed as a suspect and awarded $80,000 by the University for being expelled as a result of the investigation into the, yet unsolved, murder of Suzanne Jovin.

Some stupid reporters decided to take it up themselves to contact the Father of Suzanne Jovin, with regard to this recent Yale Murder and the Yale Murder of his daughter. Of course, he refused to comment.

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