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Saturday, February 2, 2008

rotten neighbours beware - RottenNeighbor.com alerts everyone you are a bad neighbor

Rotten Neighbor was developed by Brant Walker who had the unfortunately experience of having a rotten neighbor.

Brant Walker and girlfriend, Kendra Kadas moved into their new San Diego apartment over the summer; little did they know that their rotten neighbor couldn’t cook. “You come home from work, start walking up the stairs, you smell it a little bit, and it just starts stinking,” says Brant. Kendra added, “The smells just right in our apartment and it makes it hard to want to cook or eat your own food with this smell in the air.”

Instead of confronting his neighbors about the smell, Walker launched rottenneighbor.com. “Anyone has the right to know what their neighbors are like before they move in so they don’t regret it the very next day,” says Walker.

Rotten Neighbor.com gets thousands of posts about their rottenneighbor horror stories.

The site, www.rottenneighbor.com, is supported by private financers and has been viewed millions of times since Rottenneighbor.com was launched.

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