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Friday, February 1, 2008

Restraining order against Sam Lutfi - Judge orders him to stay away from Britney

Britney Spears' longtime companion/manager Sam Lutfi has given up trying to work through the troubled star's problems with her parents Jamie and Lynn Spears -- because he has "no more respect for the family."

Spears' estranged parents and Lutfi were reported to have joined forces to have the singer admitted to Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center on Thursday morning, where she was placed on 72-hour psychiatric hold.

But Lutfi is now claiming Britney's parents are more concerned with money and their image than their daughter's wellbeing, branding them "incapable of telling the truth and incapable of sympathizing."

In an exclusive interview with E! News -- which will air in the U.S. on Friday night -- he insists he has "a moral obligation" to protect the 26-year-old like he would with any of his three sisters.

He also maintains he has never been paid by Spears and "never accepted money from the media" for tip offs about the star's whereabouts.

And Lutfi explains his constant presence beside the singer is due to her desperate requests: "You meet her and she cries, and she begs (you) not to turn on her."

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In related news:

The father of troubled US pop singer Britney Spears has been put in charge of her welfare by a court.

A day after Spears was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, her parents James and Lynne Spears attended a court hearing to decide how the star's affairs should be looked after while she undergoes treatment for her mental health problems.

The court also imposed a restraining order against Spears' manager and friend Sam Lutfi.

James Spears' looked tearful when he was named conservator of his daughter, meaning he will take temporary control of all her affairs.

He and a lawyer, Andrew Wallet, were named conservators of Spears' estate.

Mr and Mrs Spears sat with attorney Blair Berk throughout Friday's hearing, smiling and embracing after the announcement.

The events of the past two days were the first positive signs that Spears may have reached a turning point in a downward spiral of bizarre behaviour - all of it captured by paparazzi lenses - that has resulted in her losing custody and visitation rights of her two young sons.

Spears was taken on Thursday morning by paramedics with a heavy police escort to UCLA Medical Centre's psychiatric hospital.

It was the second trip to hospital this year for the 26-year-old singer, who has displayed some odd behaviour since November 2006, when she filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, the father of their sons, one-year-old Jayden James and two-year-old Sean Preston.

A court creates conservatorships when it determines that a person cannot care for themselves or handle their affairs. Commissioner Reva Goetz said Spears would be under conservatorship until Monday, at which time another hearing would be held.

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