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Friday, October 16, 2009

Baby Stroller Hit By Train - Video

MELBOURNE, Australia - A Baby Boy in a stroller narrowly escaped death as the stroller carrying him rolled onto the subway tracks in Melbourne Australia. Australian Police say the 6-month-old baby has miraculously survived the ordeal which had a train hit and push his stroller about 130 feet along the train tracks before the train managed to come to a stop.

Security video footage showing the Baby Stroller being struck by the train was released Friday. The Video shows the mother letting go of the baby stroller to dig in her pockets when the stroller carrying her baby boy slowly started to roll towards the train tracks. By the time anyone noticed, the front wheels of the Baby Stroller had already gone off the edge of a station platform and onto the tracks.

The Baby Stroller train Video shows the mother and other people on the subway platform rushing to stop the baby stroller from rolling onto the tracks. Luckily for the Baby boy, he managed to survive rolling onto the subway tracks. The infant suffered only minor injuries and was released after a checkup at a local hospital.

The Subway train engineer is being praised for his quick response to the baby stroller rolling onto the train track in front of him.

Public reaction to the baby stroller rolling onto the train track video has been mixed. Although some feel sympathy for the mother, most are condemning her for letting the stroller roll onto the train tracks in the first place. There is even some speculation she may have been suffering from Post Partum depression and wanted her child to get hit by the train.

Victoria state Police Sergeant Michael Ferwerda called Thursday's close call a "lucky escape" stating people should be cautious on the Subway platform.

Here is video surveillance of the baby stroller rolling onto the train tracks.

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