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Friday, October 30, 2009

Texas Law Allows Father To show Daughter Hardcore Porn

Texas Single Stay at Home Mom Crystal Buckner wants her ex husband thrown in jail for "forcing" their two daughters (8 and 9 Years Old) hardcore internet porn. The thing is, there is a 1970s-era Texas law which permits parents to show "harmful material" to their children. The purpose being, to enable Parents to teach their children sex education.

Parents allowed by Law to Show Children Hardcore Group Sex

Crystal Buckener wants this law changed. In an interview, Crystal Buckner said "I don’t want to stop parents from having that right to teach sex education, but there’s a big difference and there’s a line you should not cross when teaching.”

Randall County District Attorney James Farren responded to the initial allegations by stating "Our hands are tied. It's not our fault. I have to follow the law." Sympathising with the mother. Farren further went on to say "The mother of the victims in this case was less than happy with this decision, which I understand. We were less than happy with the statute."

Texas Father Forces Daughters to watch Hardcore Internet Porn

After being told by a prosecutor he couldn't file charges against a man accused of forcing his 8- and 9-year-old daughters to watch hardcore online pornography, James Farren has asked the Texas attorney general's office to review his decision not to pursue charges in the case, which has prompted at least one lawmaker to vow to change the state's public indecency law.

After being told by Texas Police they could not prosecute her husband, Crystal Buckner responded "Are you kidding me?' There's no way. This can't be right." Farren said police reported the incident to his office after one of the girls told a counselor in June that her father made them watch adults having group sex and various other acts at his home in Amarillo. The parents of the girls, and their 7-year-old sister, are divorced and share custody.

The girls' mother, Crystal Buckner, wants her ex-husband to be jailed. She said she was stunned to hear from prosecutors and police that nothing can be done.

Crystal Bucker wants Law Changed

Crystal Buckner is seeking publicity about the case and has printed out copies of the penal code, which she hands out to everyone she meets. "I want people to know about this. I want parents to be mad and say, 'No!"' said Crystal Buckner. "I understand in the '70s everybody wanted the government to stay out of their homes. I don't want to stop parents from having that right to teach sex education, but there's a big difference and there's a line you should not cross when teaching."

The Texas attorney general's office said Thursday that it would be months before an opinion is issued and declined further comment.

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