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Tuesday, October 6, 2009



Hotmail users are being encouraged to change their passwords today as at least 10,000 @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com have been leaked on www.postbin.com, a website used for software developers to share their code.

Although the LIST OF LEAKED HOTMAIL PASSWORDS has since been removed from postbin.com, there are some unconfirmed reports that the passwords seem to primarily be consisting of @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email accounts starting with the letters A and B. Logic, however, dictates if someone did manage to obtain a list of 10,000 @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com accounts, there are most likely more leaked @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords out there waiting for people to download the list of hacked @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords.

Microsoft is currently investigating the leak of these 10,000 @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com passwords and hopes to find out how a list of so many @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords ended up on postbin.com.

Postbin.com has since removed the list of @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords and they do not seem to have made it into Google's search cache by the time they were discovered. This, however, is not to say the leaked list of @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com passwords will not appear somewhere else anytime soon.

This is not the first time Email passwords for @hotmail.com have been at risk. For several years already, there have been detailed instructions on HOW TO HACK HOTMAIL EMAIL PASSWORDS posted in various locations online. As we already know, the Internet is a vast resource of information and Hackers do seem to make it their lifes' goal to illegally obtain this information. Perhaps hacking the @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords and posting the list of the @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords on Postbin.com created some bragging rights, in the mind of the hacker who hacked into @Hotmail.com, @MSN.com and @live.com Email passwords.

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