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Thursday, October 22, 2009

SEMION MOGILEVICH - More Powerful than Gotti says FBI

The FBI is reporting Russian Mobster, SEMION MOGILEVICH as being "more powerful than Gotti." Worldwide manhunt aside, this declaration on the part of the FBI must be a boost to the mobster ego of SEMION MOGILEVICH.

Having been involved in arms trafficking, prostitution, extortion and murder for hire, SEMION MOGILEVICH has done it all. The FBI says SEMION MOGILEVICH is more of an international mobster, wheres Gotti did not have the global influence of SEMION MOGILEVICH "He has access to so much, including funding, including other criminal organizations, that he can, with a telephone call and order, affect the global economy," said FBI Supervisory Special Agent Peter Kowenhoven.

As a result of his alleged brutality, financial savvy and international influence, SEMION MOGILEVICH is not listed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. "He's a big man. He's a very powerful man," FBI Special Agent Mike Dixon said. "I think more powerful than a John Gotti would be, because he has the ability to influence nations. Gotti never reached that stature."

Among is many charges, SEMION MOGILEVICH is accused of swindling Canadian and U.S. investors out of $150 million in a complex international financial scheme. According to authorities, that particular scheme involved preparing bogus financial books and records, lying to Securities and Exchange Commission officials, offering bribes to accountants

Arrested last year by Russian authorities arrested on tax fraud charges, SEMION MOGILEVICH has not been extradited to the US as the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Russia. As a result, SEMION MOGILEVICH has remained beyond the reach of the FBI, who so desperately wants to try SEMION MOGILEVICH on their soil.

SEMION MOGILEVICH is now free on bail and the FBI believes SEMION MOGILEVICH has began manipulating international energy markets, giving him a large influence on other nations. FBI Agent Dixon noted SEMION MOGILEVICH had control or influence over companies involved in natural gas disputes between Russia and Ukraine. Authorities say SEMION MOGILEVICH, who has an economics degree from Ukraine, is known for his ruthless nature but also for his business acumen, which led to his nickname "the Brainy Don."

Speaking about SEMION MOGILEVICH, FBI Agent Dixon says "He has a very sophisticated, well-educated, loyal group of associates that he works with. He hires top-notch consultants, attorneys, risk management firms to assist him and protect him in his criminal ventures."

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