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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 Year Old boy being Charged with Murder 1 for killing his father

An 8-year old boy is at the center of a murder investigation after the Apache County Attorney's Office released details of his father's murder.

Vincent Romero, the 29-year-old father to an 8-year-old son, was killed by his young son, along with another man by the name of Timothy Romans, who lived in the home with the boy and Romero.

Forensics and evidence allegedly prove that the boy planned and killed his father and another man in St. John's Arizona. with a 22 caliber rifle.

8-Year-Old Boy Kills Dad Vincent Romero, Timothy Romains?" Jack Ryan reports that young boy from St. John's, Arizona, is being charged with pre-meditated murder.

The boy's father, Vincent Romero, was 29 and that the weapon used was a 22-caliber rifle which it appears the boy learned to use by being taught to hunt.

In further researching this case I have found that the second victim was 39-year-old Timothy Romans who was an occasional border at the Romero home.

The boy's defense attorney says that the authorities will have a difficult time using the interview tape in court because there was no adult supervision.

I have linked a number of videos to this article including the murder scene, the interview with the 8-year-old boy and, an interview with Romans' widow.

The question is, how do you prosecute an 8-year-old and, with juvenile offenders, when do you prosecute below legal age?

Acknowledging the fact that states are continuing to lower the age of responsibility, the article suggests that when a murder is committed by a child at age eight, or six, that society is uncomfortable, caught between the seriousness of the act and the knowledge that really, prosecuting children that young is no answer.

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