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Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Tuesday the Americans finally get rid of Dubbya... at least until another one of the Bush clan decide to run for Presidency. I find it kind of ironic that this momentous day is being held on the day which reminds us of how stupid George Bush and his policies are. Take for example this whole time change thing. George in his infinite stupidity decided he wanted to leave a legacy behind. Most reputable (Ya ok no such thing) politicians would like to leave something like world peace or ending world hunger maybe even reducing greenhouse gases with some MEANINGFUL legislation or funding.

Knowing that the world hates him, he doesn't care about the feeding habits of others and he thought greenhouse gases came from Mexicans flatulating in the Tomato greenhouses bush did what he does best.... Irritate the general public.

Now onto the topic of the day. The US GENERAL ELECTION. Of course everyone is searching for early results of the election, maybe to help them in their decision or maybe to plan their plans to flee the USA.

Starbucks has even jumped onto the election attention train by giving away free cups of coffee to those who come out to the polls. What would be really nice is if they had espresso machines set-up outside the polling stations. Of course, like one customer of mine told me a few months ago, she likes Starbucks because it doesn't taste like coffee. I had to laugh at that one.

I really seem to be wondering off topic here, not all that different from politicians who debate about the mundane and say nothing. So anyways, the US General Election is happening tuesday and Americans are already anticipating their fate by seeking out the Early Voting Poll results.

The question in everyone's mind, who will win the US General election, the Democrats or the Republicans. Will the USA be ruled by the Old tyrant Guy and the hot babe or will it be the half black guy pretending to be the voice of the working class and welfare bums.

The internet is definately playing a roll in this US GENERAL ELECTION as bloggers and publicists alike preparing to bypass the election rules by campaigning on election day via Search engines and internet rumours. Top searches for the day include sarah palin prank call, is obama the antichrist, early voting florida, mason dixon poll, mccain feingold, palin sarkozy and more.

Whatever the US GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS and Early Voting Results are you will be sure to see it here. so ya wanna know is taking a keep interest in this years US General election which is pitting John McCain against Barrack Obama.

Voter turnout and complacency is always a concern when it comes to any election. The United States has an electoral system that is not organised, designed or funded to cope with "anywhere near a 100% turnout" as an estimated 130 million Americans head to the polls, according to the director of a leading independent electoral reform group.

Doug Chapin, director of The Pew Charitable Trust's Electionline.org, said voter turnout will "dwarf" all other problems in this year's presidential election as an estimated 70% of registered voters try to cast their ballots. "The challenge is we will get closer to 100% turnout on election day this year than ever before," he said. Mr Chapin said the US typically sees a turnout in the "high 50s to 70% range" but added: "You now see some states forecasting, 80%, 85%, even 90% turnout of their registered voters on election day. "And this flood of new voters is going to challenge the system in a way that it really never has been before." He said if there was a problem at the front of the line at a polling station, this was an inconvenience if there were 10 people in the queue.

But he went on: "If there are 100 people in line it is a problem; if there are a 1,000 people in line, it's a crisis. "Given the number of folks that we have coming out to vote this year, any problem that occurs at the point of voting has the potential to be a real challenge on election day." He said many states were "overwhelmed and in many ways overrun" by the number of voters during the primary season, but were "fully prepared, or what they think is fully prepared, for record turnout across the country" on Tuesday. "It is an article of faith and job mission of every election official in the United States that every eligible American who wishes to do so should have the right to cast a ballot and have that ballot count," he said.

"The truth however, is that, given how decentralised our system is and the disputes over our system, we do not necessarily have a system that is organised, designed or funded to handle anywhere near a 100% turnout." He said the voting system was "startlingly" decentralised. "It is a myth that there is a United States' election system," he said. "We have at least 50 separate state systems; in actuality, probably closer to thousands of state and local election systems.

"I would be very surprised if we don't hear more of, 'We need to centralise elections more' after this election." He said the problems caused by voter turnout were already being seen in reports of early problems related to long queues, scattered reports of machine problems, and a "system characterised by overwhelming demand".

Asked if the US could see another problem such as the one in Florida which dogged the 2008 election, Mr Chapin said: "I can state unequivocally, maybe we will." He said three states would be worth watching closely for any problems.

Florida, the home of the "hanging chads" and spoiled ballots of 2000, has been a "symbol of election reform" since and has seen "as much change, if not more, than any other state in the country".

Ohio, a "plumb political catch" is usually very closely fought and "no dispute in this country has taken place since 2000 without taking place in some meaningful way (here)," he added.

And Colorado, also a key battleground state this year, is "as unsettled in its election administration as any state in the country right now", he said.

It was one of the last in the country to complete a required upgrade to its state-wide voter rolls, its chief state election official is a candidate for the US Congress, and its state election director recently resigned.

Mr Chapin, who also wrote a report subtitled "What if we had an election and everyone came?", said: "Many people out there are predicting problems at the polls. We don't yet know that that is warranted.

"If we have a problem... it will be because of something completely unexpected, not because of a lack of preparation." He said voters had shown increased interest this year, not just in the candidates but also in the mechanics of casting their votes. "So while we won't know until polls close on election day whether or not we have avoided the problems of the past, there are signs for optimism."

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