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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Taylor Swift Pregnant

Is Country star Taylor Swift pregnant? It's a rumor that the 18-year-old singer has yet to confirm or deny. Moreover, she's been through several interviews recently and in none of them does she address being pregnant. What Swift has addressed is that she is trying to get over her split from Joe Jonas by listening to sad songs and talking to her cat.

The 18-year-old singer was reportedly dumped by The Jonas Brothers star in a phone call earlier this month (Oct08) after a five month romance. And Swift appears to be finding it difficult to return to single life. Writing on her online blog, she says, "I just got back from a 5 show run on the road. Now I'm sitting in my kitchen..on the counter. Eating cool whip. And trying to think of things to do with my free time. Other than talking to my cat and making playlists of sad songs. Sad songs are awesome, by the way."

Today people are wondering, "Is Taylor Swift pregnant?" You know the drill by now, when it comes to celebrity rumors. Someone saw Taylor Swift in an outfit that was a bit loose around the mid-section and the rest became history. So far there has been no tacit denial from Taylor Swift via her rep, so the rumors that she might be preggo could be true. After all, Taylor Swift is an American teen and American teens do tend to get pregnant quite a bit.

Nearly half (46%) of all 15-19-year-olds in the United States have had sex at least once.
•By age 15, only 13% of teens have ever had sex. However, by the time they reach age 19, seven in 10 teens have engaged in sexual intercourse.

Since Taylor Swift hasn't had too many public relationships at her tender age of 18, one would assume that any baby she might be carrying would belong to Joe Jonas of the squeaky clean Jonas Brothers. An act such as this would definitely be at odds with the clean cut purity ring image that the Jonas Brothers have worked so hard to cultivate. Joe Jonas famously dumped Taylor Swift via cell phone message in early October. The split did not sit well with Swift, who has written about their breakup on her newest CD Forever and Always.

"It's a song about watching somebody completely fade away in a relationship and wondering what you did wrong," Swift, 18, told People about the song. So the question remains whether Taylor is pregnant or not. I'd say she probably isn't, and the rumor will appear false. But let's not forget what happened to Jamie Lynn Spears just yet. If the rumor does end up being true and Swift is pregnant with a JoBro baby, then this scandal could quickly become the tween topic of the day.

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