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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Klan not Happy with Obama Victory

Ray Larson, the Imperial Wizard of the KKK has vowed to "end the philistine rule of the United States of America." Claiming the White House is meant to be "White" Ray Larson told his followers, "The American People have been brainwashed by Hollywood and slick political posturing." Making reference to the hit TV Show "24" the Klan leader and devout hater of "coloured people" said "Hollywood made the American People think that a Black man could effectively rule America."

Larson also made reference to previous media spoofs which stated the KKK Endorsed Obama calling the statements "Blasphemous and Anti American in nature and contrary to the natural order of things." Larson went on to further state that America was in for a "frightening future filled with gang bangers and rap music."

In an early morning statement, Larson vowed "This would not be the way America ends." Larson joined the KKK in 1960 and is determined to attract more members than ever before.

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