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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sarah Palin Doodles surface again

There seems to be a resurge of interest in Sarah Palin’s doodles that were first uncovered on the campaign trail some time ago. They were written when she was running for Wasilla Mayor back in 1996, and they’re not so much doodles as they are a mish mash of resume points and campaign slogans. Here are some highlights:

1) The most doodlish thing about the page is the massive Sarah Palin signature with the mayoral check box next to it. Positive visualization I guess? I wish there was a <3’s Wasilla addendum, but oh well

2) Slogan’s include “Time for a Change” (could have used that twelve years later), “Part of the Bureaucracy” (hopefully that was about her opponent), and “You Would Be My Boss” (I’d tell her what to do).

3) Near the bottom: “I’m running for Mayor to give Wasilla a choice.” Couldn’t anyone use that? A dolphin could run for mayor and say the same thing. Or Hitler.

So sadly there are no cartoon scribbles of Moose being beheaded among the doodles, but it’s an interesting insight into Sarah Palin's brain nonetheless.

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