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Thursday, December 11, 2008

KFC Girls get National Attention with KFC Moments Pictures

Three female employee's of an Anderson, California, Kentucky Fired Chicken (KFC) franchise have been fired for donning bathing suits and underwear and then frolicking about in the restaurant's kitchen sink. The KFC Girls then posted these pictures on their MySpace page and entitled them "KFC moments."

When shown images of the girls' MySpace "KFC moments" posting, customers of the restaurant were outraged. As was the restaurant's manager, who said she felt "sick to her stomach" after looking at the KFC MOMENTS PICTURES.

According to KHSL's Action News, KFC's corporate headquarters issued a statement Wednesday emphasizing that the company has a zero tolerance policy regarding violations of operating standards, and thus was left no choice but to terminate the offending employees now known and the KFC Girls.

I guess everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, unfortuately this 15 minutes probably won't get the KFC Girls much except for a few laughs. Enjoy the KFC Moments pictures, here are all the KFC Girls pictures I could find. As for the customer who said the pictures of the KFC Girls made her sick. You would think she would have a fairly strong stomach after eating that greasy "crap" at KFC to begin with.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Folks were "sickened" because of how ugly the KFC skanks were.