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Monday, December 1, 2008

Porsche Foxx Canned from the Atlanta Airwaves again

Porsche Foxx is gone from V-103 —- again.

Details are sketchy. Program director Reggie Rouse sent an e-mail Wednesday informing staff about Porsche Foxx’s departure, and she was taken off the list of DJs on the V-103 Web site. Her second stint at V-103 as midday host lasted just over 16 months.

Porsche Foxx was a popular afternoon jock at V-103 until the station fired her after a very public DUI arrest in late 2004. Porsche Foxx pleaded guilty to the charge in summer 2005, receiving community service, probation and a stint in alcohol rehab. Rick Caffey, general manager at V-103, last year said he rehired Porsche Foxx because he felt she had earned a second shot.

“It was successful, very enlightening, very educational, ” Porsche Foxx told the AJC about her rehab in July 2007. “I’m not afraid to talk about it.”

Porsche Foxx —- whose real name is Stephanie Calhoun —- and her bosses couldn’t be reached for comment.

Here is the previous story of Prosche Foxx being taken back by the radio station after being fired the first time.

For the six years Porsche Foxx was Atlanta's queen of drive-time radio, her trademark slogan was, "Let your haters be your motivators."

It was repeated so often by the V-103 on-air personality every weekday during her four-hour show that it became a rallying cry and definer for both Porsche Foxx and her urban listenership – which consistently ranked either No. 1 or No. 2 in the city during her reign.

But when Porsche Foxx was pulled over and arrested in December 2004 for driving under the influence and having marijuana in her possession, her descent was lightning quick. Porsche Foxx was immediately replaced on-air, and by early February 2005, V-103 fired her. Near the end of the same month, her Atlanta home burned down.

Today, tears of resilience well up in her eyes as Porsche Foxx relives the pain she endured over the last two years. "I went through more tragic things in 30 days than I think I have in 30 years," she says.

On July 9, Porsche Foxx makes her triumphant return to radio in the 10 a.m.-2 p.m. slot on WVEE-FM (103.3). During her time away, Porsche Foxx says her faith was renewed, even during the month she spent at a rehabilitation center as part of a sentence that also included 36 months of probation and 240 hours of community service. Ironically, it was her prior commitment to community service that had helped her create such a dedicated, familylike fan base.

But this time, Porsche Foxx needed help herself. And she got it from her own family's spiritual reserve, and also from within. "Not only did I rebuild my house, I rebuilt me."

When Porsche Foxx appeared on the "Frank & Wanda Morning Show" recently to announce her return, an outpouring of love and support came in via calls to the station. "Thank you for those who supported me and for those who sat on the fence saying 'Eh, I don't know,'" Porsche Foxx says. "I've gotten some motivation from both sides of that. And not all of them are haters."

And here is the story when Porsche Foxx was fired the first time

So far, Februrary has been a pretty lousy month for Atlanta DJ, Porsche Foxx. First, WSAV-TV reports she was fired "six months after she was arrested [from V-103 FM and] ...charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, driving an unregistered vehicle, driving without insurance and impeding the flow of traffic." To make matters worse, AJC.com reports "The home of former Atlanta radio personality Porsche Foxx was heavily damaged by fire Sunday night."

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