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Monday, December 8, 2008

The American Idol Rumour Mill Starts

PAULA ABDUL has laughed off rumours new AMERICAN IDOL judge KARA DioGUARDI was hired to replace her, insisting the newest judge is her close friend, former roommate and songwriting partner.
Abdul admits even show boss Simon Cowell had no idea the pair were pals when he gave DioGuardi a job on the judging panel of the hit reality TV series.
But the singer is adamant Cowell has no chance of driving a wedge between them to create drama onscreen - because the pair have such a strong bond.
She explains, "This one has backfired on him. Ten years ago on a rainy day in New York a girl comes up and says, 'You're Paula Abdul. There's a signed thank you letter you wrote in my boss' office.' I asked who her boss was, and he was the president of Billboard magazine. So I invited her to lunch, and we wrote a song that day, on a napkin.

"It turned out to be the biggest song for Kylie Minogue ever (Spinning Around). It hit number one all over Europe. I then listened to her demos and told her to give two weeks notice and I moved her into my home in L.A., and we became the best roommates.
"She has since become one of the most successful songwriters. And now she is on this show, of all people."
When asked how Cowell missed the fact the two were well-acquainted, Abdul quipped: "Do you think he thinks for one moment about anyone other than himself?"

They might not go home with a recording contract but Paula Abdul doesn't let any "American Idol" contestant leave empty-handed.

Each season she designs and distributes jewelry for the aspiring singers as a keepsake of their experience.

Beginning this month, Abdul's fans will be able to buy similar items on HSN.

"I pretty much wear my jewelry all the time now, but I end up giving it away," she says. "I'll take it off my wrist or neck and give it to someone who likes it."

Abdul has made jewelry since the first season of "Idol" in 2002.

Once she saw what the contestants had to endure from critic Simon Cowell, she wanted to do something nice for them, she says. "I wanted something the kids could touch and feel to remind themselves that their talent got them here."

She previously sold a limited jewelry collection on QVC. The new HSN Forever Your Girl line, which debuts Saturday, also includes handbags and other accessories, with a price range of $29-$200.

Among her newest pieces is a beaded leather cuff bracelet that will go to the female participants in the new season inscribed with a message to "reach for the stars."

Abdul says she's looking forward to welcoming her old friend and new judge Kara DioGuardi when the top-rated Fox show returns Jan. 13. "Hopefully she'll give Simon hell," Abdul says.

The singer-dancer-choreographer's other plans for 2009 include her first album of new material in over a decade and a new reality TV special for MTV called "Rah! Paula Abdul's Cheerleading Bowl."
From Someone else:
For the last seven seasons, I've kept myself in a tightly sealed cocoon when it comes to the American Idol rumour mill. First of all, Idol might have 36 semifinalists this year (instead of 24), and that new judge Kara DioGuardi falls closer to Simon than Paula in the critique department.

Interestingly, this AMERICAN IDOL season is rumored to have its share of contestants with connections to past Idols and other famous folks, as well as the typical smattering of almost-famous types who no one has actually heard of, but who'll generate oodles of outraged "that contestant's a ringer!" chatter once the show starts airing (Jan. 13, in case you missed the announcement). Among the alleged hopefuls generating internet chatter: Michael Castro (younger brother of season 7's awesome Jason Castro); David Osmond (nephew of Donny & Marie); Anna Kaelin (daughter of the vocal coach of season 7 runner-up and current chart sensation David Archuleta); Danielle Roundtree (AKA Miss New York, USA 2008); and former Geffen recording artist Joanna Pacitti.

To avoid heinous spoilerization of the 24 (or 36) semifinalists, how about Idol turns the semifinalist announcement episode (where contestants take the elevator of death up to the scary table where the judges sit) into a LIVE broadcast? Think of the heightened levels of suspense, the clenched jaws, the whitened knuckles, and the frayed nerves? And that's just for the viewing audience at home, to say nothing of the contestants! Who wants to start the petition?

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