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Monday, October 13, 2008

Hustler Video Ready to Release Nailin' Paylin - Sneek Preview of Sarah Palin Porno Here

Hustler Video is now shooting a porno called "Nailin' Paylin" featuring a Sarah Palin look-alike whore, whose real name is Lisa Ann.

The faux Sarah is Lisa Ann, who "will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her back-door." In another scene -- a flashback -- "young Paylin's creationist college professor will explain a 'big bang' theory even she can't deny!" There's also a three-way with Hillary and Condoleezza look-alikes.

So when can we expect this video to be released? Well, it was shot this weekend in San Fernando Valley. The plot is...two drunk Russians are driving their tank when it runs out of gas in front of Paylin's home.

Many are wondering if the real Sarah Palin will take some sort of action against the porn. We'll keep you updated.

For uncensored pictures of Lisa Ann looking quite abit like Sarah Palin click here

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