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Monday, October 20, 2008

Nailin' Paylin - First Look at Hustler Sarah Palin Porno - 1 Min 12 Sec Safe for Work

The wait is over, MILF Hunters and Republicans alike can now celebrate the release of the trailer for the upcoming HUSTLER SARAH PALIN PORNO "Nailin Paylin" or Nailin Palin for those who missed the intentional spelling change.

In this Clip, Sarah Palin is seen greeting the Russians at her door. A little sceptical at first, Sarah Palin takes a look outside to see they truly do have a broken down tank at her cold and icy Alaskan doorstep.

In the name of foreign relations, the ample breasted Sarah Palin then decides to let the Russians in. As they warm up so does Sarah Palin. There are several gratuitous cleavage shots which elude to what is to come in the Full Feature Porno NAILIN PAYLIN

For more pictures of, Lisa Ann, the Star of Nailin Paylin fully nude and uncensored

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