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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Slightly nuts JOCELYN KIRSCH Jailed for 5 Years

JOCELYN KIRSCH , former student at Drexel University, received order from U.S. District Judge Eduardo C. Robreno to follow a mental-health treatment during his stay in prison.

JOCELYN KIRSCH's defense attorney, Ronald Greenblatt, fought for a lighter sentence, on the reason that Kirsch committed her criminal actions because she's been having mental problems.

"She is so clearly mentally ill," said Greenblatt to the judge. She claimed to have violet eyes because of her Lithuanian descent, when in reality she was wearing violet contacts, and also she falsely purported to be an Olympic-class pole vaulter.

JOCELYN KIRSCH comes from a broken family, and she hasn't spoken with her brother for years.

JOCELYN KIRSCH's problems, "played a central role" in the crime, said defense attorney.

JOCELYN KIRSCH's former boyfriend, Edward K. Anderton, a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, who was involved in the same crimes as JOCELYN KIRSCH, pleaded guilty. He is scheduled to receive his sentence Nov. 14.

JOCELYN KIRSCH, 23, confessed that she started shoplifting back in middle school, having minor shoplifting arrests after entering college.

JOCELYN KIRSCH stole her father's car at 14, and was expelled twice from school for cheating.

After starting college, JOCELYN KIRSCH had several minor shoplifting arrests with consequences, prosecutors said.

JOCELYN KIRSCH's mother, Jessica Eads, a nurse, wrote to the judge that Jocelyn is a complex young woman who is sick and lost, and that is the hardest part of this whole thing for her to deal with; she didn't see or understand the depths of her daughter's despair.

Eads remarried the week JOCELYN KIRSCH graduated from high school in North Carolina and moved to northern California with her new husband.

JOCELYN KIRSCH knew only the cell phone number and work address of her father - Winston-Salem, N.C., plastic surgeon Lee Kirsch. He performed a nose job and breast augmentation on his daughter but otherwise had little contact with JOCELYN KIRSCH after the parents split in 2001, according to family letters submitted to the court.

Still, the judge noted, JOCELYN KIRSCH had her share of advantages: intelligence, good looks and parents who were successful professionals.


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