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Friday, October 3, 2008

James Earl Jones Dead - Steve Jobs Has a Heart Attack I call Shenanigans

With the stock market crashing and OJ Simpson trial deliberations starting today, you would thing the slack asses sitting behind their computers searching for the latest crap would have better things to look for. Apparently, the Internet is a roar with people searching for the DEATH OF JAMES EARL JONES. Maybe some people got confused with the whole "Lifetime achievement Award" James Earl Jones will be getting at the SAG Awards in January. Yes people, this award can be given to people who are still living.

Of course, James Earl Jones isn't the only victim of search engine shenanigans today. Earlier on this morning the rumour mill was pumping about Steve Jobs of Apple having a heart attack and being admitted into a local hospital. Of course this had a short lived negative effect on Apple's stocks. Of course I'm sure the yokal who came up with that one took just enough advantage of the situation to be sharing some quiet time With OJ Simpson if he ever gets convicted.

Now here is the Real James Earl Jones Story.

The Screen Actors Guild announced yesterday that James Earl Jones will receive the organization's 2008 Life Achievement Award. SAG President Alan Rosenberg called Jones "a vocal presence without peer." The 77-year-old actor will be presented with the Life Achievement Award at the SAG Awards on Jan. 25.

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